The Samsung Sanitizing Service fights coronavirus by disinfecting your phone for free

The Samsung Sanitizing Service fights coronavirus by disinfecting your phone for free
Undoubtedly you’ve heard about this thing called coronavirus. It’s only everywhere on the news these days. Well, you’ve probably also heard that one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus is to have great personal hygiene, or in other words, wash your hands very often.

But personal hygiene also extends to your phone since it’s the thing that’s in your hands most often (probably right now!). So you have to clean your phone properly as well. We just recently posted a How to disinfect your phone article that will help you with the task.

But if you don’t feel like using alcohol-based solutions on your phone or have the cash to spend for a UV-light device, there’s another option for you: Samsung’s Galaxy Sanitizing Service.

SamMobile reports that the service is offered at Samsung’s Service Centers for free right now. The sanitizing is available in 19 countries for the time being, including the United States. Samsung is working to expand the list of countries as you’re reading this and many others will likely have it soon as well.

Samsung uses UV-C light to sterilize your phone without the need for harmful chemicals or other materials that can damage your device. The process takes a few minutes so you won’t have to be separated from your precious gadget for long.

If you want to take advantage of the free service, you can check where the nearest Samsung Service Center is on the company’s website. Keep in mind that going there means leaving your house, which is not advisable if your area has cases of coronavirus already.


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