Apple helps you keep track of the coronavirus outbreak with a dedicated News feed

Apple helps you keep track of the coronavirus outbreak with a dedicated News feed
Yes, we know, news about the infamous coronavirus is bombarding you from all sides, including our own website. There’s a good reason for that, however, and it’s that the spread of COVID-19 has affected pretty much all industries one way or another. The mobile industry took one of the biggest hits, but you can read about those in some of our other articles.

Besides protective equipment and masks, one of the best ways to be safe amidst all this is to be well informed about what’s going on. And now Apple is making sure you get all the right information from its News app.

To do that, the company has created a special coverage section dedicated to the coronavirus. In it, Apple News editors will gather articles that are informative and come from trusted sources.

With this move, Apple will supply a large portion of the population with legitimate information about the virus. As social media fills with everything from memes to outright dangerous advice and suggestions about countermeasures that's great to have, especially for older people that are easily misled by online articles. 

That’s not the first special coverage Apple has released. Earlier this year, News got a special section for the 2020 presidential race in the US. If there’s anything common between the two topics, is that the spread of misinformation about them can be dangerous.

Stay informed and stay safe!

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