Samsung Jasper visits FCC, takes the boys out for lunch

Samsung Jasper visits FCC, takes the boys out for lunch
Back in April was when we last heard about the Samsung Jasper, or if you prefer, the SCH-i200. This model is expected to come Verizon's way packed with some nice high-end goodies, like the dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 processor. Yet, despite the S4 under the hood, the Samsung Jasper's display of unknown size will be flaunting its rather low to mid range screen resolution. Jasper seems to want to tempt you with silicon, but these days 480 x 854 is nothing to write home about.

Considering that the mid-range Samsung Gem and Samsung Illusion were the  SCH-i100 and the SCH-i110, the Samsung Jasper fits right in. We could see this as a back up for those who love the Samsung Galaxy S III but don't want to spend the scratch ($199.99 for 16GB with a 2-year contract) that Verizon will be charging for the Korean manufacturer's new flagship model. By the way, the Samsung Jasper scored a respectable 2853 on the GLBenchmark test.

source: FCC via Pocketnow



1. Birds

Posts: 1172; Member since: Nov 21, 2011

That is pretty cool....

2. rockstarlive

Posts: 307; Member since: Oct 19, 2011

Probably similar to the HTC One S.

3. KingKurogiii

Posts: 5713; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

maybe it'll be a Droid Charge Successor? i hope Samsung doesn't abandon the Droid Line, i'm still quite fond of it.

4. zhypher_23

Posts: 195; Member since: Jun 04, 2012

Not bad, Not bad.

5. roscuthiii

Posts: 2383; Member since: Jul 18, 2010

[Off Topic] You know, I'd always liked the name Jasper. Would have named my own kid Jasper, with a cool little family nickname like Jazz or something... but, Stephenie Meyer had to go and screw that up with her d-bag & doosh-fest Twilight "saga".

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