Samsung, HTC and LG said to be the top sellers of LTE enabled smartphones in Europe

Samsung, HTC and LG said to be the top sellers of LTE enabled smartphones in Europe
According to those typical anonymous industry sources, Chinese and other international handset makers are set to join Samsung, HTC and LG in manufacturing LTE enabled smartphones for the European market. The trio are currently on the top of the charts in Europe for sales of LTE enabled smartphones. Carriers in Germany and Northern Europe are the only ones in the region to focus on selling smartphones that support LTE. Operators elsewhere on the continent are more interested in selling accessories such as LTE data cards or mobile hotspots instead of selling the actual handsets.

In the first half of this year, only 1.9 million LTE enabled smartphones were sold in Europe which is less than 10% of the amount sold in Asia during the same time period. Globally, 27 million users were connected to an LTE pipeline with their smartphone during the second quarter of the year. Of that number, 47% were in the U.S., 27% in South Korea, 13% in Japan and 6% in Europe according to data from Wireless Intelligence.

Those selling LTE enabled smartphones in Northern Europe have been finding demand for the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE. In Germany, Vodafone has released the HTC Velocity 4G, HTC One XL, Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and the LG Optimus True HD LTE. Germany's Deutsche Telekom has the HTC One XL and the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE in its lineup.

source DigiTimes


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