Samsung Gear S2 Classic Platinum and Rose Gold hands-on

The Samsung Gear S2 Classic is easily one of the best smartwatches of 2015: with its innovative rotating bezel that acts as a navigation dial, it is a comfortable and stylish timepiece.

At CES 2016, Samsung brought two new color versions of the Gear S2 Classic - a rose gold and platinum colors - and both cater to those who value a more premium look.

First, we have the Gear S2 Classic in Rose Gold. The finish is glossy and the color is not all that subtle: it has a very distinct saturated gold tonality (whereas the ubiquitous iPhone 6s, for instance, seems to have a more subtle shade of gold). For all else, this is the same Gear S2 Classic with the same ridged edge. We photographed it from various angles to give you a close look at all the details, take a look right below.

The second new color that Samsung adds to the Gear S2 Classic family is Platinum. A colder color, this one is less noticeable in the public eye and won't catch the eye as much as the glossy rose gold version that just screams: 'bling-bling'. This more subtle tonality, however, still looks plenty refined and stylish, and we have also photographed it from all angles for your viewing pleasure.

Right below, you would see a quick video tour of the two new color options for the Gear S2 Classic. Prices for the new versions will be unveiled in the near future (expect higher prices for these two versions, though) and so will be the actual release dates. If you want a refreshing course on Samsung's wearable, feel free to check out our full-on Samsung Gear S2 review.


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