Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: What’s in the box?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: What’s in the box?
The device that paved the way for foldable smartphones is back. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is here and it is better that ever. It is still one of the most expensive smartphones money can buy, so you would be forgiven to doubt whether you are getting enough bang for your buck. One way to find out whether the Z Fold 4 justifies its ostentatious price tag is by taking a peek into the box. Beware, spoilers incoming. 

What's in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 box?

  • The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • A USB-C cable
  • A SIM tray ejector
  • Paperwork

Over the last couple of years, we certainly got accustomed to paying more than a grant for a smartphone, only to find out that we are getting the bare minimum in the box. It seems that even when we are in the ultra-premium price range, the situation is still very much the same. You will of course find the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 itself and a simple USB-C cable, but little more beyond that. 

You do get some necessities like a SIM tray ejector and some paperwork, but that does not mean much in the grand scheme of things. 

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What's not in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 box?

  • A power adapter
  • Headphones 
  • A Case 
  • S Pen 

Obviously, you will not be getting the luxury of receiving a power adapter in the box, as the latter is sold separately. It is hardly surprising that there are no headphones, nor a case alongside the Fold 4. And if you were hoping to find an S Pen - you are in for a major disappointment. Despite the numerous promotional pictures of the Fold 4 being used in conjunction with an S Pen, that privilege will cost you more. All in all, the cup (or in this case, the box) is indeed half-empty.

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