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Samsung Galaxy S7 S View Cover review: The classic recipe


Samsung has been manufacturing its signature S View Cover cases for over three years now, starting with the Galaxy S4, and the line has now become synonymous with its flagship series. Priced at $49.99, this is no ordinary case in that it has a square window cutout that allows you to both see and interact with the phone—a Galaxy S7 in this instance—thanks to some nifty software.

Like other flip-cases, the S View Cover for the Galaxy S7 comes with the same set of advantages and disadvantages. As far as the former go, the S View Cover encases the entire phone, leaving little room for accidental damage—though beware accidental drops, as the flap may open mid-flight—and the aforementioned cutout is as useful as ever. You can change the background, check your latest notifications, accept or reject calls, and even dial people through it or take a picture. 

On the other hand, it's still rather bulky, and the paper-like material it's made out of leaves something to be desired at this price point. Still, it feels durable, so we hope that Samsung has at least made sure it will stand the test of time. As other Samsung cases, the S View Cover for the Galaxy S7 features a clean design, with just the company logo adorning the back, and volume up/down indicators on the side. It's available in Black, Grey, and Gold.

We admit it, wallet/flip-style cases are not our cup of tea, but the Galaxy S7 S View Cover sure is an interesting choice if you're looking for protection, as the feature set enabled by the smart, touch-enabled window are actually useful. That said, we still detest having to wrap the flap around the back when using the Galaxy S7 with both hands, because a spine is created on one end, while the other sits flat. This lopsidedness is enough to drive mild-OCD sufferers mad.


  • Clean looks
  • S View window shows notifications and lets you place calls and take a picture
  • Custom wallpapers are supported


  • The paper-like material doesn't feel premium
  • Despite its unique functionality, it's still a bit pricey

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