Samsung Galaxy S5 survives two story drop

Samsung Galaxy S5 survives two story drop
If you purchased or are contemplating the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S5, you might wonder how durable the device is. Earlier this month, we showed you the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 battling it out in a drop test that resulted in the new model getting run over by a car. Amazingly, the display on the Galaxy S5 remained intact.

Now, we have another extreme test. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was dropped two-stories. Would the phone survive? As you would expect, the display was shattered, the casing was bent and there were scratches in a few areas. But surprisingly, the phone still worked.

Even as smartphones become loaded up with more and more features, and the circuitry becomes more complex, the build quality is improving to the point where a two-story drop might not be enough to kill a handset.

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source: GadgetGuruHD

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