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Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 battle it out in drop test

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Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 battle it out in drop test
A new video shows both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 taking a drop test. At pocket height, both suffered slight marks on the side of each unit. Both screens were unscathed. Next was a drop from "head height," simulating the phone falling while the user is on a call. From that height, there were some scratch marks. Overall, both models were still in pretty good shape with no cracks.

The next drop was from head height, screen side down. Did you cringe just reading those words? That test still could not damage the screen on either model, as both displays remained in perfect condition. The back glass of the Samsung Galaxy S4 did crack. And while the Galaxy S5 landed squarely on the glass, the only thing that happened to that phone was that the back popped off, which is no big deal.

Next drop was from 10 feet. Even though it landed on a corner, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 finally gave in with this test. The Galaxy S5? The screen was still undamaged.

Considering that the Samsung Galaxy S5 screen could not be damaged by a fall as high as 10 feet, what test could actually crack the screen? How about running the phone over with a car. After getting run over, the front glass was amazingly intact, although the glass on the back was shattered.

Overall, we'd say that considering the chances of you dropping your phone from 10 feet are rather small, and the chance of your phone getting run over are even smaller, you're in pretty good shape if you own either phone.

source: techsmartt via BGR


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