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Samsung Galaxy S5 review Q&A: your questions answered


Last week was marked by the publishing of our super-detailed Galaxy S5 review, along with a plethora of in-depth comparisons against its biggest rivals. As usual, we also had our Q&A post where we wanted you to be able to ask whatever questions have been left unanswered by our review. So, it's now time for us to take a look at those question and see what we can do to help you out!

You can find the SAR values of the Galaxy S5 in its 'full specs' page. They are as follows: Head: 0.63 W/kg; Body: 0.82 W/kg; Product specific use: 0.82 W/kg; Simultaneous transmission: 1.59 W/kg.

It is possible to use the thumb of the same hand in order to unlock the GS5 with the fingerprint sensor, but it's very hard to get right. Sometimes, it may work, while other times - it will not. It's mostly designed to be used with central, straight swipes. You'll be having a lot of frustrating moments if you attempt to use it with just one hand.

The Galaxy S5 should be fine if submerged for a few minutes in hot water (though it depends on your definition of hot). However, we can never be sure about the long-term outcome if you systematically have your phone act like a submarine.

The latest version of TouchWiz is definitely less gimmicky than the previous one. Most options and smaller features are still there, but they are better organized and don't stand in the way of regular user experience. The new TouchWiz is also faster and runs more fluidly - there is still some accidental hiccup here and there, but once things get started, everything moves at a respectable pace. To see the GS5's camera in action and how it competes against its rivals, take a look at our newest camera comparison!

Quite likely.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 performed spectacularly in our battery life test, achieving a result of 8 hours and 20 minutes. That's better than almost every single ~5" smartphone out there. We've updated our Galaxy S5 review with more info on this! We haven't noticed any abnormal heating behavior when playing games or executing other demanding apps.

We've compared the GS5's heart rate monitor to a third-party pulse-measuring app, and have found out that the results are pretty similar. It looks like there isn't so much added value with the Galaxy S5's dedicated heart rate monitor.

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