Samsung Galaxy S5 might have a 2K LTPS display made by Sharp, AMOLED on the backburner

Samsung Galaxy S5 to have a 2K LTPS display made by Sharp, AMOLED on the backburner
We heard a few times before that AMOLED display tech might not make it into the new Samsung Galaxy S5 due to various reasons, but chiefly the troubles with producing a small OLED panel with 2K resolution - something that all flagship smartphones this year seem to be poised to have.

Samsung had problems producing 1080p AMOLED for this year's Galaxy S4, but it ultimately delivered, yet 2K might be a much tougher nut to crack with enough yield to produce tens of millions of such panels, as the sales expectations for a Samsung flagship would be. Instead, a report from China claims that Samsung will go for LTPS (low-temperature polisilicon) panels with 2K resolution, which will be produced by Sharp in Taiwan.

Now, it doesn't become clear if these will be for all S5 units, only to supplement the AMOLED production, or for the rumored F (as in "fashion") version of the flagship, but Samsung got a $110 million stake in Sharp's business not long ago, so securing some return on that investment is not out of the question. Sharp already makes IGZO panels for its and Apple's phones and tablets, which have proved to be excellent in terms of power consumption and peak brightness, so we might not miss the AMOLED tech much if a Galaxy S5 lands with screens made on the basis of Sharp's promising technology.

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