Samsung Galaxy S4 teardown shows it is very easy to repair

Samsung Galaxy S4 teardown shows it is very easy to repair
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is launching soon across the globe and analysts are already saying sales in the first month could reach a whopping 10 million units, but for those who buy it one question remain unclear: how easy it is to repair? iFixit tore down the HTC One and found it extremely hard to disassemble and even routine tasks like switching the battery were too complicated.

But while we are waiting for the detailed step by step teardown of the Galaxy S4 from iFixit, Techno Buffalo actually got its hands on the device first and quickly tore it down.

Interestingly, it turned out the Galaxy S4 is extremely easy to fix. Popping the back cover is of course the first step and it is very easy to reveal the battery, microSIM and microSD card slots. Next you only need to remove 9 screws to separate the front and back.

From there on a lot of the components like the 13-megapixel camera can be easily isolated and replaced. Overall, it seems the Galaxy S4 is even easier to repair than the S III and it won’t be a problem to replace a malfunctioning part.

source: Techno Buffalo

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