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Samsung tells us just how secure the Galaxy S20 processor is

Samsung tells us just how secure the Galaxy S20 processor is
Today Samsung has shed some light on the enhanced hardware security of the processor found inside its recently-released flagship Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Smartphones have become an essential part of us over the last decade, and many of us store private information on them, such as passwords. The latest Samsung smartphones notably come with a built-in mobile security platform called Samsung Knox, as the South Korean giant reminds in its news post, which is one of the steps it takes to secure our data.

But for the Galaxy S20 the company took an extra step towards security on a hardware level, with a processor engineered for protecting data on the phone even from what Samsung calls "advanced hardware attacks." Such attacks differ from how hackers online would attempt to access your devices, as they require physically manipulating the hardware in an effort to breach its security.

The secure processor Samsung added to the S20 is said to not only continuously scramble and encrypt confidential private information on the phone, but it employs a physical shield meant to guard against potential hardware attacks. This includes detection of invalid voltages and temperature changes among other algorithms.

The secure processor also makes efforts to prevent guessing of your unlock pattern, PIN or password by making it "almost impossible" for hackers to reset the error counter, which normally keeps count of failed unlock attempts.

All that, together with Samsung Knox makes the Galaxy S20 an attractive smartphone for privacy-conscious Android users. For more details on the device, see our full review of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus.
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