Samsung Galaxy S web site goes live - no mention of carriers just yet

Samsung Galaxy S web site goes live - no mention of carriers just yet
The doors have swung open on the Samsung Galaxy S web site where visitors are treated to a host of interesting things regarding the classy looking Android powered handset. Similar to some of the promotional videos we've seen in the past, the web site provides an overview of the type of experience one can expect on a daily basis with the handset – from the time you wake up until the time you get some shut eyes. Not only can you see the handset in action as a man manages to change clothes in almost every scene, but you can view additional stunning images and the specifications of the smartphone. However, one thing that's not made clear on the site are the carrier partner(s) who will be feasting upon this next highly prized Android handset. You never know when that may happen, but we could potentially see something concrete come out of Samsung's special event happening in New York City come the 29th of this month.

Samsung Galaxy S Specifications | Hands-on

source: Samsung via TmoNews



1. E.N.

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I think Samsung did extremely well with their advertisement. You guys should click the source link and check it out. Probably the best online ad I've seen.

2. pa156287

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