Samsung Galaxy S II arrives at T-Mobile, ready for launch; phone scores 3,711 on Quadrant test

Samsung Galaxy S II arrives at T-Mobile, ready for launch; phone scores 3,711 on Quadrant test
The Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile is expected to launch on October 12th with pre-orders beginning 2 days before the launch. That is according to T-Mobile USA's Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman who made these comments last month at GigaOM Mobilize 2011. Brodman added that the high-spec'd HTC Amaze 4G would also be launched the very same day with pre-sales also scheduled to start October 10th.

The only problem with his information is that it is at odds with a leaked roadmap for the nation's fourth largest carrier which shows both the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Amaze 4G coming to market the week after Brodman's October 12 launch date. We're inclined to go with Cole Brodman's October 12th launch date for the pair, especially since, as the Chief Marketing Officer, he should know the exact dates that T-Mobile's high profile phones come to market.

Also giving us faith in the earlier launch date is a picture obtained by TmoNews which shows boxes of Samsung Galaxy S II handsets being loaded up into a T-Mobile store, each one ready to roll out the door with a customer. Indications are that some stores are receiving more than 50 units to sell, a strong sign of optimism when it comes to sales. And hey, why shouldn't T-Mobile feel that the Samsung Galaxy S II is going to sell like hot cakes. A video of the phone going through the Quadrant Benchmark test shows that even with a 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor under the hood as opposed to the 1.2GHz Exynos processor on the AT&T and Sprint variants, the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II scored a mind-blowing 3,711.

The HTC Amaze 4G is set to sell for $259 with a 2-year contract while the Samsung Galaxy S II is supposedly coming to market for $229 with a signed 2-year pact.

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