Samsung Galaxy S 4 with Snapdragon 600 or Exynos 5 Octa: here is what market gets what version

Samsung Galaxy S 4 with Snapdragon 600 or Exynos 5 Octa: here is what market gets what version
The Samsung Galaxy S 4 might have not surprised us with a new design or much of a revolution elsewhere, but it is a solid evolution over last year’s Galaxy S flagship.

What you might still wonder, though, is which version of the device is coming to your country. We already know that in the United States and the United Kingdom, the Galaxy S 4 will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 chip. Most of Europe will also get a Snapdragon 600 version of the S 4, but for Asia the device will ship mostly in its Exynos 5 Octa version.

Now, the Snapdragon 600 comes with the new Krait 300 processor clocked at 1.9GHz, while the Exynos 5 Octa has the clock set at 1.6GHz.

So with that in mind, take a look at the different model numbers and what they signify. There is no information about Latin America yet.

GT-I**** = Not decided yet.
GT-I9500 = Exynos
GT-I9505 = Snapdragon
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 = Samsung to bring both versions

GT-I9500 – Afghanistan
GT-I9500 – Algeria
GT-I9500 – Egypt
GT-I9500 – Kenya
GT-I9500 – Lybia
GT-I9500 – Marocco
GT-I9500 – Nigeria

Asia / Middle East
GT-I9500 – Bangladesh
GT-I9500 – China
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 – Hong Kong
GT-I9500 – India
GT-I9500 – Indonesia
GT-I9500 – Iran
GT-I9500 – Iraq
GT-I**** – Israel
GT-I9500 – Kazakhstan
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 – Korea
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 – Malaysia
GT-I9500 – Nepal
GT-I9500 – Pakistan
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 – Philippines
GT-I9500 – Russia
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 – Saudi Arabia
GT-I9505 – Singapore
GT-I9500 – Sri Lanka
GT-I9500 – Taiwan
GT-I9500 – Thailand
GT-I9500 – Turkey
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 – United Arab Emirates
GT-I9500 – Uzbekistan
GT-I9500 – Vietnam

GT-I9505 – Australia

GT-I9505 – Austria
GT-I9505 – Baltic
GT-I9505 – Belgium / Luxemburg
GT-I9505 – Bosnia and Herzegovina
GT-I9505 – Bulgaria
GT-I**** – Croatia
GT-I9505 – Cyprus
GT-I9505 – Czech Republic
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 – France
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 – Germany
GT-I9505 – Greece
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 – Italy
GT-I9505 – Macedonia
GT-I9505 - Nordic Countries
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 – Poland
GT-I9505 – Romania
GT-I9500 – Russia
GT-I9505 – Portugal
GT-I**** – Serbia
GT-I9505 – Slovakia
GT-I9505 – Slovenia
GT-I9505 – Spain
GT-I9505 – Switzerland
GT-I9505 – The Netherlands
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 – United Kingdom
GT-I9500 – Ukraine

source: Sam Mobile

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Galaxy S4
  • Display 5.0" 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • Camera 13 MP / 2 MP front
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, Quad-core, 1900 MHz
  • Storage 64GB + microSDXC
  • Battery 2600 mAh(17h 3G talk time)




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That's a lot of Life Companion.

9. samsunggalaxylover

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I saw this list long time ago on gsmarena lol.

45. ddxmms

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its Libya not Lybia :D and thats my country :)

2. donfem

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Thanks for the list.

10. Synack

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Very curious to see a benchmark comparison of the Snapdragon vs Exynos. I'd be fine if they were close. Then battery life would come into question too.

26. StreetNerd

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600 = better performance octa = better battery


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S600 is half A9 &A15 E5410 is A15 So A15 is way better than even the S800, but that's when clocked at 1.8Ghz ®

49. zhiae unregistered

do you know what?? hell yahhh i will get exnyos

50. bparkerson unregistered

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about! You seem to be totally confused as to which processor has what architecture. Folks, this is a good example to not believe everything you read


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So do explain youre theory™

3. ajac09

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Rather have the tegra 4 over them all

6. tech2

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lots of wishes for your first Birthday ! -.-

22. gogowho

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no tegra series, it will be hard to get any os update.

4. evarod48

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afghanistan is part of africa?

8. VJo003

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12. rusticguy

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Must have flunked in Geography

15. SlimSoulja86

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They use iMap. Still dig apple though.

32. ItsMyChoice

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iP.A. using Apple map lol

5. RaKithAPeiRiZ

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meanwhile in North Korea...

25. cncrim

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Ask Denis Rodman and he what is think :-)

57. papss unregistered

North Korea is trash, South Korea is a different story

7. tech2

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Come on Samsung. Please release one with Octa in UK. Atleast on PAYG in not on contract !

14. baldilocks

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Did you even read the list?

41. tech2

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Course I did. But last year they introduced the Snapdragon version (US version) later during the year in UK along with the Exynos version. So, was wondering there may still be a chance that they might release a Octa version on PAYG where LTE is not an issue !

11. Esf_Kid

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Thank God it comes in middle east with Exynos octa thank you Sammy :D

13. cloud_atlas1991

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First, it's LIBYA not LYBIA. Second, LIBYA and EGYPT are Asian countries. Third, Russia is in Europe. Fourth...I could go on with this all day. It's nothing worth mentioning and I know I'm being an asshole here, but, c'mon, have some respect to your grade school teacher!

16. Musty18591

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LibYA and egypt are african countries ... dude go and check the map ^_^

17. baldilocks

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Actually Russia is in both Europe and Asia. Also, the last time I checked, Egypt is both Asian and African and Libya is only on the African continent.

19. SlimSoulja86

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How is Egypt in Asia?

20. baldilocks

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Go read Egypt's official web page.

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