Best Buy lets you pre-register for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and get a wireless charging pad at half price

Best Buy lets you pre-register for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and get $50 off a wireless charger
As you may have heard, Samsung is already allowing customers to reserve the Galaxy Note 10, despite the fact that the new Note series won't be properly announced before August 7. If you make a reservation and follow up by pre-ordering a Note 10 (when this becomes possible), Samsung will give you the chance to save $50 on select products. Best Buy will let you do a similar thing, but the retailer actually specifies what product can be bought for $50 off: a Samsung Duo wireless charging pad.

Since the Samsung Duo wireless charger is normally priced at $99.99, saving $50 on it enables you to get it for 50% off. Featuring fast charging and an elegant design, the Samsung Duo is designed to allow users to simultaneously charge two compatible devices at the same time (like a smartphone and a smartwatch).

To be eligible for this deal, you must register with your email here at Best Buy. When pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 10 go live (likely on August 7), Best Buy will send you a coupon that can be used to save $50 on the Samsung Duo charger - but only if you complete your phone pre-order.

Other Galaxy Note 10 promotions and deals (including trade-in offers) will be unveiled by Best Buy, Samsung, and major carriers on August 7. There will be at least three different new Notes released, including a regular Galaxy Note 10, a Galaxy Note 10+, and a Galaxy Note 10 5G. You can find out more about these upcoming high-end Samsung phones here and here.

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