Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug fix pushed OTA now

Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug fix arriving OTA
Samsung is reportedly starting to push an OTA update fixing the software bug users noticed a couple of days ago that would cause the volume on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to suddenly go down, sometimes to a complete mute, according to UK retailer Clove. The update however isn’t yet pre-loaded on newer Galaxy Nexus devices despite previous rumors about it.

So this will indeed require some action on your part - those of you who were lucky enough to get a hold on the Galaxy Nexus will need to install the update themselves. The update still hasn’t arrived for all of Samsung’s new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich devices, though, and it will be pushed in batches, so you might need to wait for a while to see it pop up in the update menu on your phone.

Initial reports about the volume issue claimed that the handset would adjust the volume level randomly either muting or just fluctuating it up and down, while the volume key wouldn’t function for you to manually reset it. It seems to only appear on 2G 900MHz networks like many in Europe where the Galaxy Nexus is already available. Lucky users with stable 3G coverage might not even know about the issue.

We recently got the chance to review the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in all of its 4.65-inch ICS glory and needless to say we were impressed. The US version of the Galaxy Nexus is expected to be a hair thicker than the European one, mostly due to the inclusion of LTE radios.

source: Clove via SlashGear

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