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  • Samsung GALAXY Nexus appears on Fox Business; Samsung executive says pricing and launch up to Verizon

Samsung GALAXY Nexus appears on Fox Business; Samsung executive says pricing and launch up to Verizon

Posted: , by Alan F.

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Samsung GALAXY Nexus appears on Fox Business; Samsung executive says pricing and launch up to Verizon
Samsung VP Nick DiCarlo made sure that everyone watching Fox Business Network knows that the launch date and pricing of the Samsung GALAXY Nexus is up to Verizon. Actually, when asked about the launch of the device, DiCarlo said, "Just a bit later this year" which certainly didn't answer the question. So when the talk turned to pricing, the executive said, "Well, hopefully Verizon will let us know very soon. It’s their phone, they know."

And while Verizon might know for sure, as hinted by DiCarlo's response, we can give you the latest information that we know. In terms of a launch date, a leaked document from Verizon's system indicates a November 17th launch for the phone, while a price tag of $299.99 with a two-year contract seems to be the consensus. It was also the price listed on a leaked version of Verizon's MAP that we showed you last month.

DiCarlo also skated around the question of whether or not the Samsung GALAXY Nexus will be a Verizon exclusive. After being asked if the device will be only on Big Red, the exec pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy S II is available from T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint, and with the GALAXY Nexus on Verizon, all four major U.S. carriers will have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to sell.  From what we have seen of Nick DiCarlo, he might have a real future in politics.

source: DroidLife

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posted on 11 Nov 2011, 01:03 1

1. belovedson (Posts: 1052; Member since: 30 Nov 2010)


posted on 11 Nov 2011, 01:22 4

2. Derekjeter (Posts: 1085; Member since: 27 Oct 2011)

I love how he wont give us a date and price...lol. The news people should get a clue, why is it always Apple against the world? I hate people who think iphone is better than any other phone just cuz of sales. I hate my work phone, its an iphone 4s and my personal is a bionic. Hands down Bionic better than iphone. Galaxy Nexus will be the best Android phone out there.

posted on 11 Nov 2011, 02:22 2

5. The_Miz (Posts: 1496; Member since: 06 Apr 2011)

Galaxy Nexus is far from being the best Android phone. As far as the Bionic being better than the iPhone, I seriously doubt it. Apple actually supports their devices far longer than any Android manufacturer.

posted on 11 Nov 2011, 03:20 4

9. Whateverman (Posts: 3284; Member since: 17 May 2009)

I would have to agree, its hard to say what will be the best Android phone with the Rezound, Galaxy Nexus, and Razr all coming out soon. But one thing I will say, any one of these devices looks like a better phone than the ip4s. Its a really good phone dont get me wrong, but it still comes up short on everything thats important to me. The one thing I wish they would take a que from Apple with is the camera. That new 8MP on the 4S is really nice.

If I could build my own Franken-Phone, it would have a Motorola shell, GN's Android 4.0 ICS, the RAZR's SAMOLED Advance screen with Rezound's PPI, and the iPhone 4S's camera, or even the Amaze's camera. Both seem about equal.

posted on 11 Nov 2011, 09:08 3

14. douglasman100 (Posts: 24; Member since: 27 Aug 2011)

wel i think the razr will sell the most galaxy nexus will be the best and the rezound wil just kinda be there...lol but with everything optimized on the nexus for ics it will be the smoothest, but on the other hand the razr will sell better because it will get the most publicity since its a droid. but i do like your idea on your own phone.

I would want the galaxy nexus body, rezound ppi, SAMOLED plus display, ics, and iphones camera

posted on 11 Nov 2011, 11:31 2

15. sgogeta4 (Posts: 394; Member since: 02 Feb 2011)

Nokia still has the best camera sensor and lens for cameras. PPI is determined by screen size and resolution, so either up the resolution past 720p or lower the screen size. One of the reasons why the iPhone 4/S has such a high PPI, but IMO 3.5" is way too small for me.

posted on 11 Nov 2011, 01:24

3. nany2204 (Posts: 1; Member since: 11 Nov 2011)

virtual assistant

posted on 11 Nov 2011, 01:30 3

4. snowgator (Posts: 3604; Member since: 19 Jan 2011)

Strange how a top shelf, latest software edition Android will not allow expandable storage. Certainly not a deal killer, 32 gigs is a lot of memory and should be ample. Just strange.

Other than that, a great shooter is all this bad boy needs to be a superior device. At least on paper.

posted on 11 Nov 2011, 02:22 2

6. The_Miz (Posts: 1496; Member since: 06 Apr 2011)

Yup, no expandable memory plus a potential $299 price? No thanks.

posted on 11 Nov 2011, 07:14 3

12. ElectroManiac (Posts: 47; Member since: 29 Sep 2011)

but yes thanks to a not exapndable memory on the iphone 4s?

Double standar all the way.

posted on 11 Nov 2011, 02:23 2

7. The_Miz (Posts: 1496; Member since: 06 Apr 2011)

This is utterly ridiculous. Any interest I had in this phone is now gone because Samsung and Google can't get a ****ing clue on the release date.

posted on 11 Nov 2011, 03:13 5

8. mctcm (Posts: 204; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

you mean VZW.

posted on 12 Nov 2011, 17:45 1

16. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

Miz you didnt have an interest in the phone.. quit trolling.. lol

posted on 11 Nov 2011, 04:48 2

10. warlockz (Posts: 156; Member since: 10 Oct 2011)

This phone is definately going to be far superior than the iphone tech wise as much as I think the iphone is a cool phone but it is what it is. However I have to give Apple credit they know how to market their phone exceptionally well. No matter how good the nexus will be if your not a tech geek the majority of consumers won't even know about the phone especially when they can't even figure out a release date and pricing information what a joke. I will prob be picking up the nexus but google needs to step up to the plate and market their product better.

posted on 11 Nov 2011, 06:39 1

11. Glorfindale (Posts: 17; Member since: 16 Jul 2010)

It's impossible to say that iphone or nexus is better, it's all about your preferences. Some people prefer to live the Apple universe, some people prefer to live with Google and other open sources. But it's ok to like both phones and respect both structures.

I'm sure GN is going to be a great device and I'm really looking forward to having some hands-on experience with it. It has a lot of potential.

posted on 11 Nov 2011, 07:54

13. sojizy (Posts: 26; Member since: 30 Aug 2008)

Soo did anyone get the hint that its going to be a vzw exclusive. Sad really

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