Carrier chief: Get ready for a Samsung 5G phone, as 'preparations' are in play

Carrier chief: Get ready for a Samsung 5G phone, as 'preparations' are in play
Prompted by a question about Huawei's newest 5G cellular modem, announced at the MWC expo the other day, the CTO of SK Telecom Park Jin-hyo answered mysteriously that "Huawei excels in its technologies…While Samsung may not say much, it has also been making a lot of preparations," and added "It is not so far for Samsung either in coming up with a 5G device."

The fact that the telco's CTO didn't budge when confronted with Huawei's announcement shows how certain he is that Samsung is working on a 5G handset i its own turn. We'd wager to guess that this will be the Galaxy S10, or whatever Samsung decides to call it, as Qualcomm's upcoming Snapdragon 855 is heavily rumored to sport its newly-announced X24 modem with pre-5G 2Gbps download speeds, and 7nm production technology. Samsung also showcased its own 5G modem at CES back in January, with up to 5Gbps speeds, and backward compatibility with 4G LTE.

Moreover, the press release about Samsung's new S3 factory last week, said that it will be the go-to foundry for Qualcomm's 5G Snapdragon chipsets that will be soldered en masse early next year. This can only mean that the first 855 client might very well be Samsung with the S10 puppy, but, if the next big Snapdragon chipset introduces 5G support, then all major phones with it will offer blazing fast download speeds next year as well.

source: Korea Herald

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