S60 5th edition announced, with new features

S60 5th edition announced, with new features
Nokia yesterday launched the 5th edition of the S60 software platform, complete with a full set of new features that the end user is sure to enjoy. The software - announced alongside of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - offers tactile feedback via touch, and the option for a widescreen mode to complement it. The internet functionality promises to be a fantastic experience, as the platform will offer browsing with Adobe Flash Lite 3 to give a desktop-esque look. Together with the touch interface, one can scroll through screens and interact directly with website content.

According to Nokia, the sensor framework will be relatively easy for vendors to work with; for example, should a user want to silence a call, they can simply flip the device upside down. Additionally, editing photos will be easy on the new platform, as it will offer the user the ability to "decrease red eye, crop image highlights, adjust image quality or add text and graphics to pictures." Using the video editor, one can add sound to the video, all directly from the device.

As expected, Nokia's Senior Vice President of S60 Software, Lee Williams, expressed excitement in regards to the new version of the S60 software platform. "S60 5th Edition's new features and added functionality significantlyenhances the products that intend to provide rich multimedia andInternet experiences for consumers. Intuitive sensor technologies,interactions via touch, and tactile feedback creates delight andexcitement for consumers and unparalleled innovation opportunities fordevelopers and internet content providers. With this release we will seemanufacturers create and extend their portfolio of products with newtypes of devices addressing a broader range of consumer needs."

With the support for open source technologies through integrated support for Open C++ and the addition of S60 Platform Services, which enables creation of personal and context aware Web widgets, the latest edition gives developers a great deal of support. "The versatile developer support offered by S60 5th Edition enablesdevelopers to write applications in a range of languages that they arealready very familiar with," said Tom Libretto, Vice President, ForumNokia. "That familiarity and being able to arm developers with thetools and technologies that best suit their needs will allow forfurther innovation of new applications and services, not only for S605th Edition, but also for S60 3rd Edition Feature Packs 1 and 2."

For more information, check out the press release below.

Source: Nokia



19. unregistered

Any verizon phone in general cannot compare to an unlocked nokia phone as simple as that, verizon phones are worthless, nokia phones can do it all.

18. Tsuba unregistered

I ate my breakfast this morning. Egg, hotdog and fried rice.

20. suba is angel unregistered

Hello suba , how are you ... when will you caome back to GM ??? I am missing you a lot !!!

17. aleemon unregistered

Thanks 2 Nokia

15. unregistered

LG is nothin comapred with NOKIA so do not compare it. LG is still a long way far behind Nokia. A long, long , way.

14. unregistered

LG phones sucks! Their trying so hard but even I am given a free LG phone, I wont use it!! Nokia is the best!

13. no one in particular unregistered

Once again, this isn't Nokia's first Touch Screen enabled OS, and this post is about the OS not the phone you verizon fans who are already ranting your mouths comparing the "feature" phone LG Dare to the "music smartphone" Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. This phone's may share design and dimensions to some degree, but underneath they are completely different phones. I can't begin to tell you just how much more the Nokia phone with it's new OS can do; than that LG with it's basic features that my old Nokia E70(2005) had before the dare was even produced.

12. unregistered

people only like the looks of LG phones, but they suck, Nokia smartphones are a hell of a lot better.

11. unregistered

usa is one step behind when it comes to mobile phones ( whether u like to accept or not ) , because operators have too much power in here and manufacturing companies have to dance to their tune 5800 looks great for price below 390usd

10. unregistered

I can't really see how anyone could compare an LG dare to a Nokia smartphone, they are so TOTALLY different. The LGs are great for your typical day to day phone users, but for "mobile computing" they don't even come close. Nokia is sold only in uderdeveloped countries? What about Australia where a very large amount of Nokias are sold every year? They get the latest and greatest mobiles LONG before the US counterpart is released, their 3G coverage reaches a MUCH larger percentage of the population and a larger percentage actually buy high end mobiles.

7. unregistered

LG looks and feels better. nokia has better apps but they are bluky and ugly.

6. unregistered

How many LG phones been on the Re-call list?..........................A LOT How many NOKIA phones been on the Re-call list?.......................NOT EVEN CLOSE

8. unregistered

nokia most sold underdevelop country like india ,china ,and south america.most thier phone are cheap phone any way.those country had no return policy. that mean no recall.

16. unregistered

That is so so not true!!

21. unregistered

How can u tell its sold in underdeveloped countries!....there the cell phone technologies are a lot better and cheaper than in US...

5. unregistered

LG is really crappy. Nokia is a beast. So keep ur false " LG is the best" B.S. to ur self and see how Nokia kicks ass.

4. unregistered

this OS is baller

3. unregistered

lol and here we come ..... how can you even compare your bs LG i mean c mon LG ?????????/ they were a piece of shit and still are untill about 7 mounts. LOL verizon i mean can you even compare an unlocked phone with a locked phone for a carrier that doesnt even have a sim card ???!? and LG to nokia .... you guys are making me laugh

1. VZW Rules unregistered

if this phone thinks it can compete with the DARE it is tripping.

2. unregistered

You Verizon fanboys should take your "LG is so much better than Nokia" talk elsewhere before the Nokia boys come...

9. unregistered

o yea dude cuz we should all be afraid of finland lol

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