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Rumor alert: Amazon has a smartphone to announce today

We've already heard from several sources that Amazon may be developing a smartphone of its own, and the information has now been confirmed by a trusted tipster for The Verge. What's more is that although the handset has not been finalized yet, according to the source, it might get publicly announced at the Amazon press event today, during which a couple of new Kindle Fire tablets will most likely be unveiled. 

The said Amazon smartphone will allegedly run a heavily modified version of Android, just like the current Amazon Kindle Fire does, meaning that it will lack the so-called pure Google experience, but will make up for it by being tightly integrated with the online retailer's ecosystem. Also, knowing how aggressively priced the Kindle Fire is, the company's smartphone might follow the same marketing strategy and launch at cost, although that is just a guess for now. It is also worth noting that instead of Google Maps, this rumored Amazon smartphone will get Nokia Maps, according to the source of today's rumor.

And that is pretty much all that was revealed. Whether any of the information is correct or not will likely become known in just a few short hours. The Amazon press conference starts at 10:30AM Pacific time, and rest assured that we'll be reporting all about it.

source: The Verge
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