Rumor: HTC purportedly working on two more tablets apart from the Nexus 9

Rumor: HTC purportedly working on two more tablets apart from the Nexus 9
When @evleaks speaks, we all listen in awe. The well-known leaker has a relatively long file of successful spot-on hits (and some misses, but we digress). One of the latest rumors that come straight from the leaker suggest that besides working on Google's upcoming Nexus tablet (nicknamed Volantis and Flounder), HTC is also prepping two tablets on its own, too. This might be a serious comeback for the tech company, which hasn't released a tablet since 2011.

HTC's rumored slates are apparently codenamed T7 and T12, so we can assume that we are talking about 7- and 12-inch tablets. There are, however, no leaked specs about the slates that HTC is reportedly working on. If we take into account the countless rumors that regard the Nexus 9, it is safe to assume that if HTC is indeed working on such a duet of slates, then its ones might not stray away far from the rumored Volantis, at least spec-wise.

Speaking of it, the HTC-made Nexus is said to come with a 2K display (2048 x 1440 pixels), 8MP OIS-enabled rear snapper, and a 64-bit NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC, operating in concert with 2GB of RAM. The alleged storage options will allow potential buyers to choose between a 16 and a 32GB version of the tablet. It is speculated that Google will put a $399 price tag for the 16GB version, while the 32GB one will retail at $499. 

As usual, bring a relatively large bucket of refined salt and take this piece of news along with a large pinch of it. A possible announcement of Google's HTC-made Nexus tablet is due alongside the official release Android L. Should the speculations about HTC's T7 and T12 hold water, we can assume that HTC will either unveil them along Google's announcement of its next Nexus or shortly after.

source: @evleaks via BGR


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