Rudy Huyn starts his own 6studio to make official apps for Windows Phone


Rudy Huyn is one of the top names when it comes to Windows Phone developers, and he is starting to get noticed. At the very least, he has been noticed enough that he has decided it best to start his own company, which has the somewhat expected name: 6studio. And, the best part about Huyn's efforts is that it seems his plan is to bring more official apps to Windows Phone.

Huyn has made a name for himself by making unofficial apps for various services, like his 6tag app (Instagram), 6snap (Snapchat), 6sec (Vine) and more. Recently, he also made an unofficial Tinder app, which led to his being contacted by the Tinder CEO. His app disappeared, but then the announcement came that Huyn would work with Tinder on making an official Windows Phone app for the service. 

The theory is that Huyn has realized that there he could do very well for himself as a developer for hire who will help companies to create official Windows Phone versions of their apps. One would guess that Huyn would be building the apps anyway, so he might as well make a business out of it, right? Huyn has said his next app will be a personal project, but he is working on two professional projects. He has said that work has not yet begun on the Tinder app, so it is unclear what those "two professional projects" might be.

What do you all think? What company should hire Huyn next to build its official app? 

source: @RudyHuyn via WMPU

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