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Roman gods may foretell Windows Phone apps on Windows 8

Roman gods may foretell Windows Phone apps on Windows 8
The general consensus, given BlackBerry's continued slip and the backing of Nokia, is that Windows Phone will become the third major player in the mobile OS space along with Android and iOS (sorry bada fans,) but Microsoft is still playing catch-up on features right now. Mango is going a long way to even the field, but it seems that deeper integration with Windows 8 PCs may be a big feature coming to WP8. 

The idea that Windows Phone and Windows would get deeper integration seems like a no-brainer. Obviously, Microsoft is always on its toes these days with deep integration between products, lest it draws the calls of being anti-competitive. But, for once, Microsoft isn't the big dog in the mobile space, so it has a bit more leeway. The interesting idea is that Windows 8, codenamed "Jupiter", may be able to run Windows Phone 8 apps. WP8 is codenamed "Apollo" aka the son of Jupiter. Top that off with the fact that WP apps are based in Silverlight, and it seems like it would be pretty easy to create a runtime environment for the apps on PC. 

Of course, making it possible doesn't answer the questions of if it's a good idea, or if it would help the Windows Phone brand as a whole. It could certainly help in porting WP apps to tablets, assuming tablets would be running Windows 8, but WP apps on a PC would end up being mostly glorified widgets. 

What do you guys think? Would it be a good idea to have WP apps running on Windows PCs?

source: TechCrunch
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