RoboCop is the long arm of the law on Android and iOS

RoboCop is the long arm of the law on Android and iOS
Glu Mobile, the studio behind several hit mobile games, has just released one of its latest freemium games, RoboCop, for the Android platform. A version for iOS devices found its way to iTunes a week ago. Developed in collaboration with MGM, the game is based on the new RoboCop movie, which is set to hit theaters in February.

In RoboCop, gamers take control of Alex Murphy – a righteous police officer that was terribly injured and transformed into a bionic cyborg. The part-man, part-robot cop has to force the law and clean the streets of Detroit from common thugs, futuristic machines, and experimental evil cyborgs. RoboCop is a fan of the "shoot first, ask questions later" principle, so the gameplay will mostly consist of discharging your weapon of choice into the various enemies.

The game itself is a third-person shooter with specific gameplay mechanics.You can't move freely around, and almost all of the time RoboCop will have to take cover from enemy fire behind a wall or another solid object. Swiping and holding the left side of the screen enables RoboCop to survey the area, while a swipe and hold of the right part of the screen allows the character to aim at the baddies. Once you've aimed your crosshair at an enemy, RoboCop will automatically shoot until the foe is dead.

Speaking of guns, RoboCop has access to a deadly arsenal of weapons. Players can upgrade their current weapon, gear, and skills via constant grinding. These upgrades are available as costly in-app purchases, too.

If RoboCop is your cup of tea, you can download and play the eponymous game free of charge.

Download: RoboCop (iOS | Android)

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source: Glu via AndroidGuys

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