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Report says new Apple production line to cost Foxconn $210 million

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Report says new Apple production line to cost Foxconn $210 million
Foxconn workers doing what they do best
A report in China Daily says that contract manufacturer Foxconn will be spending $210 million to construct a secondary production line dedicated to the production of Apple devices such as the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPad. The new plant will take up 40,000 square meters or more than 430,556 square feet and has already been announced by local officials. The new factory will employ up to 35,800 workers and produce products with a value of  6 to 7 billion yuan ($949 million to $1.1 billion).

Construction on the factory will begin in October. Exactly which Apple products will be produced there is unknown although speculation is that the factory will be a secondary producer of the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. Some believe the factory will be the source of the rumored 7 inch mini Apple iPad possibly launching sometime later this year. China Daily also says that early next April, Foxconn will build another new facility in Hainan province.

source: ChinaDaily via electronista

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