Report says T-Mobile is the top U.S. carrier; French and U.K. operators dominate the top globally

Report says T-Mobile is the top U.S. carrier; French and U.K. operators dominate the top globally
A group called STL Partners released its Mobile Network Experience Index (MobiNEX) which attempts to quantify the "app experience" over 27 mobile operators in seven countries: the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. The test measured the important drivers of a customer's experience on a wireless operator: download speed, average latency, error rate, and latency consistency (the percentage of app requests that take longer than 500ms to complete).

Each of those four categories were worth up to 25 points each. The final score was computed by merely adding up those scores to get a final tally out of a possible 100 points.

In the U.S., the top carrier was T-Mobile. With its 45 points, it beat out Verizon by 2 points. AT&T was third with a score of 37, followed by 33 for Sprint. While T-Mobile's error score was low (5 out of 25), all of the major U.S. carriers did poorly in this category with Verizon receiving a 4, Sprint a 5 and AT&T getting a 6. T-Mobile ranked the highest in latency consistency, "which measures the proportion of requests made with an app that experience latency greater than 500ms." T-Mobile scored a leading 13 out of 25. Verizon and Sprint scored 11 out of 25, while AT&T finished last with a score of 10 out of 25.

When it comes to download speed, Verizon led the way with a score of 14 out of 25, T-Mobile was next with 12 out of 25. AT&T scored 8 out of 25 and Sprint was last with a score of 5 out of 25. Latency consistency measures the time it takes to press a button on the screen, and having that input result in a completed action. In this category, T-Mobile had a leading 14 points followed by Verizon and Sprint's 13. AT&T scored 12 out of 25.

The U.S. carrier's scores palled in comparison to their European brothers. Three French wireless operators were at the top globally as Bouygues Telecom ranked as the top carrier in the world with a score of 76. Free and Orange were numbers two and three with scores of 73 and 70, respectively. EE (65) and Orange (61), both operating in the U.K., rounded out the top five. T-Mobile placed 18th globally with Verizon right behind. AT&T was 22nd and Sprint 24th.

source: MobiNEX via TmoNews




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This is such a misleading but interesting subject. TMOBILE SEEMS TO DO WELL where services are available. Too bad their network is not as expansive as the All of the other carriers. This is not a knock on Tmobile it is the truth. Where coverage is good they shine. They still have a lot of holes in their coverage area. This is from personal experiences with Tmobile, sprint and Verizon.

2. Acdc1a

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Your continuing to pass along 2 year old information is helpful to no one. T-Mobile has a huge network getting bigger every month. T-Mobile covers 308 million pops. That means it's nearly up to AT&T and Verizon and blows Sprint at 270 million out of the water.

4. redbaronk12

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In my experience QUIKSTRIKE is correct. Just last month I traveled to Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, and my TMO coverage was almost non existent when away from large towns, but my wife and friends had coverage on ATT and Verizon.

6. TheMan

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Location still matters in the States, but it's getting less and less a difference. I wouldn't be surprised if five years from now if Verizon's decade-long edge has disappeared. As for the comparison to Europe (or Korea, for that matter), we are years behind.

9. NexusPhan

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Verizon roams on US Cellular in Maine...

8. Fallen1

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I was a TMO customer for 6 years, yes their coverage in populated areas did get better and data speed was noticeably higher. However, I just switched to AT&T for one major reason, TMO is terrible for rural areas and for those who travel. If you are not in a major city, its literally a hit or miss if TMO has it covered.

3. Doakie

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5. TheOracle1

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Interesting stats. One important thing to note is that EE is the joint venture of T-Mobile and Orange in the UK. They are basically indistinguishable, so where or how did they come up with these figures?

7. Joshing4fun

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Remember a few years ago when T-Mobile almost died in the US? DAMN.

10. Bernoulli

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a few years ago in 2011 is more like half a decade now.

11. etotherescue

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AT&T might not be the fastest....but ive found that its reliable just like verizon. My girlfriend has TMo its ridiculously fast if you have service in that area. Sprint, unless youre going to be in a major metro area 24/7 i wouldnt recommend sprint.

12. StanleyG88

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I wish I could experience all the wonderfulness of T-Mobile but I don't have a good signal from them anywhere near my house. Only Verizon has a decent signal. Guess they don't want to include service availability in their ratings.

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