Report: Apple pulls the plug on Samsung as battery provider for the Apple iPad

Report: Apple pulls the plug on Samsung as battery provider for the Apple iPad
Apple has replaced Samsung as the battery supplier for its Apple iPad tablet and MacBook devices. SDI, the Samsung subsidiary that was providing Apple with batteries, has been replaced by Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery, according to a report in the China Business News. But this was not a decision instigated by Apple, according to the report, which claims that Samsung has decided to stop manufacturing the batteries for its rival leaving Apple with no other decision but to replace Samsung.

The obviously strained relationship between the two tech titans is making it harder for Samsung to remain an important supplier to Apple. Despite having been denied by Samsung, recently there was speculation that the Korean firm raised its prices for chips it supplies to Apple by 20%. In addition, there have been various rumors about Apple turning to TSMC for its chips instead of Samsung. Apple also has been rumored to be replacing Samsung for displays.

Both firms are gearing up for their second patent suit in U.S. District Court, not scheduled to start until March 2014, and there is a hearing set for December 6th that covers motions relating to the first trial which resulted in a $1.05 billion jury verdict in favor of Apple. Recently, the chief of Samsung's mobile division, J.K. Shin, told reporters in Korea that without Samsung's wireless patents, there is no Apple iPhone. And while Apple CEO Tim Cook continues to praise Samsung as being an important partner, there is no love lost between the two firms.

By no longer providing Apple with the "power" needed to run its tablet and laptops, we wonder if this is more than a symbolic gesture on Sammy's part and if it will hasten the end of the strange relationship between the two firms. Doesn't it seem strange to anyone that Apple relies on Samsung to produce some of the very products that Apple accuses Samsung of copying?

source: ChinaBusinessNews via  TechCrunch


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