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Replaceable battery or unibody design - which one do you prefer?

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Replaceable battery or unibody design - which one do you prefer?
Apple started the trend with sealed batteries in its iPhone franchise, and a lot of manufacturers are following suit now with pretty unibody designs that don't give us access to the battery compartment on the go.

HTC with its sleek aluminum One comes to mind from the latest crop, the Sony Xperia Z whose battery had to be sealed to likely achieve the waterproof status of the handset, as well as the flagship Lumia 920 from Nokia's portfolio.

Actually the ones still bucking the trend from the top tier makers are Samsung and LG, which always provide a removable back cover that gives you access to the battery plus a microSD slot for storage expansion, making them the perfect handsets for those who look for flexibility in that regard.

Still, we were wondering how many people actually would carry a spare charged battery with them at all times, and to what extent the presence of a sealed battery compartment in the latest unibody designs would hinder their purchasing decision towards those handsets. 

After all, there are pretty compact portable juicers now that can fit in your wallet or on your keychain for the unibody types as well, yet the ability to take out the battery might be important for some during those rare complete freezes of your handset, or after battery quality has deteriorated with prolonged usage. Take your pick in the poll below and sound off with the arguments in the comments.

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