Remember the LG G5 with the bulky module? It might be a camera-centric grip with a 1,100mAh battery inside

Remember the LG G5 with the bulky module? It might be a camera-centric grip with a 1,100mAh battery inside
Remember yesterday's leak that showed us a purported LG G5 with its Magic Slot expansion slot in action, with a peculiar module strapped on its back? We were not sure what we were looking at, though we had our guesses, as we could discern a dial, a couple of buttons, and what appears might be a microUSB or USB-Type C port, of sorts. 

Turns out we might be ogling at a a module dubbed the LG Cam Plus, which will function as a battery grip for the phone. According to Evan Blass, a.k.a. @evleaks, it comes with a couple of essential camera-centric controls, like a physical shutter, zoom dial, and a flashy toggle. Apart from allowing you to hold your G5 in a easier fashion, the grip also doubles as a supplemental 1,100mAh battery, which works in concert with the replaceable native one.

Mr Blass also reveals that LG has another module in the portfolio, an audio-centric one. Called LG Hi-Fi Plus, it will allegedly improve the native audio output of the device. It is also said that other devices will be able to connect to the Hi-Fi Plus module in order to enhance their audio, which sounds a bit sketchy at this point. We guess further details will be more than welcome.

Blass says all of these will be part of an accessory ecosystem, reportedly called "G5 and Friends". Part of it might also be LG's rumored 360-degree VR headset and a... drone, dubbed "Rolling Bot"? Yes, it looks as if LG might have unleashed its imagination on the accessory front this time around. Solely judging by the name, we might speculate that it will probably look like Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens' BB-8 droid, though that's a nerdy fantasy of ours. Supposedly, the LG Rolling Bot will be able to roll around your house, turn smart appliances on and/or off, and even allow you to interact with your pets, if you're that lazy. 

We guess LG will have lots of details to uncover come its pre-MWC keynote, provided that all of these turn out to be real, of course!

source: VentureBeat


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