Random news from around Apple's camp: San Francisco for developers, WatchOS 2 and more

Random news from around Apple's camp: San Francisco for developers, WatchOS 2 and more
It's old news now that Apple has replaced the Helvetica font used since iOS 7. "San Francisco" is the name of the font employed by Apple on iOS 9 and it is available to registered developers to use directly from the tech titan. If the font looks familiar, it's because San Francisco is used by Apple for the Apple Watch. Apple is making the font available for developers across all platforms. The company wants some consistency between iOS 9, OS X and WatchOS.

Speaking about WatchOS, the new version of the wearable operating system (WatchOS 2) will allow Apple Watch users to cut the ties that bind the timepiece to the iPhone. While the next-gen Apple Watch is rumored to be a standalone model like the Samsung Gear S, Watch OS 2 will allow users of the current Apple Watch to connect independently to a Wi-Fi hotspot. This allows the device to offer internet connectivity without having to be paired to an iPhone. An Apple Watch owner can leave his iPhone home while running and still be able to upload his running stats. With the Wi-Fi connectivity and a weather app, the owner of the timepiece can still be alerted if a storm is making its way into the area.

Just the other day, we told you about a survey (using a very small sample size to be sure) that found only 38% of Apple Watch owners would recommend the device to their peers. Slow third party apps are one of the reasons why. Still, some of the features found on the watch, such as Force Touch and the Taptic Engine could be deployed on the next iteration of the iPhone.

source: AppleInsider, RedmondPie



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Let me make this clear. I am not Tedkord, I am Tedkurd. Equally obsessed with Apple and can't stop having wet dreams about them. I claim to hate Apple, hate the iPhone, hate articles about iPhones and Apple, hate people who like Apple or the iPhone, yet still make my way to the comments expressing nothing but pure love and unhealthy obsession. My name is Tedkurd.

3. KhmerLoveKhmer

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u not tedkurd or whatever u're an apple hater that's all

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So in a nutshell you are a moron with no life making multi accounts

9. tedkurd unregistered

For further identification and profiling, please refer to observing Tedkord.

11. gaming64 unregistered

Destroy all your gadgets, lock yourself away from the tech world, and get a life. It will save you from having your brain emptied. OR at least get a brain since you obviously don't have one

14. tedkurd unregistered

Apple haters like myself have no brains.

4. AlikMalix unregistered

Ooh new fonts that looks exactly like the old one - innovation!!! iSheep mindless fans who buy iPhone just for the fonts. Android had fonts way before Apple changed theirs. Even windows and BB had fonts before Apple changed theirs (again). Apple only changing fonts to fool iSheep - thinking they getting a new phone because of different font - but in fact iPhone 6 has not changed since original iPhone - only bigger screen. I mean look at that home button - it's still round... With android you get choice of what shape your home button is or none at all.

5. tedkurd unregistered

I'm sorry, but you sir, are as dumb as a box of rocks.

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Says the guy who has no IQ.

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Gosh what have you become.

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Lol says the one whose pp is the wallpaper from iOS 9

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That wallpaper was probably the only thing Apple designers got right...

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If you're thinking about fishing likes since you obviously have "no likes deficiency" then you failed at it.

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If u fail the first time, get up and try again. amirite?

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