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Qualcomm sees increased net income in Q2 of fiscal 2014, revenue slightly less than Q1


The largest smartphone chip maker in the world at the moment, Qualcomm, released its financial report for the second quarter of the fiscal 2014, which started on January 1 and ended on March 30. It reveals that Qualcomm continues to bring home the bacon – its revenues for the trimester were $6.37 billion. This is a 4% increase year-over-year, however, it's also 4% down in comparison with the previous financial quarter that ended December 29, 2013, and came with a record revenue of $6.62 billion.

At the same time, Qualcomm's operating income during the last trimester skyrocketed 33% - the chip maker earned as much as $1.99 billion, which is a 6% increase compared with the same time period back in 2013. These numbers tell us that the company continues to steadily increase its overall profitability. The record-breaking Non-GAAP earnings per share also confirm this – over the last quarter, Qualcomm has seen diluted earnings of $1.31 for each one of their shares, which is 4% more than in the previous trimester.

You might be wondering how many chipsets the company sold in order to achieve these financial results – well, Qualcomm discloses that the number you are looking for is no more or less than 188 million MSM (mobile station modem) chipsets. Still, that is 12% less than the amount of Qualcomm-branded MSM units that got retailed during the previous quarter.

Qualcomm was the dominant player on the smartphone chipset market in 2013, leaving its main rivals - MediaTek, Intel, and Broadcom – far, far behind. The largest smartphone manufacturers will probably continue to prefer Qualcomm's products – Microsoft was the latest tech giant that confirmed its loyalty to the California-based SoC maker.

source: Qualcomm (PDF) via GSMArena
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