Qualcomm demoes an LTE Windows 8 tablet with Snapdragon S4 chipset

Qualcomm demoes an LTE Windows 8 tablet with Snapdragon S4 chipset
If you want to go LTE, there isn't much other good choice out there but Qualcomm's integrated Snapdragon chipsets. We bet we are going to see the S4 variety with an LTE module tacked on in quite a lot of phones and tablets this year, and Qualcomm just confirmed our suspicion during its keynote CES presentation.

The CEO Paul Jacobs took out an LTE tablet with the powerful Snapdragon S4, running a developer preview version of Win 8, in order to demonstrate the fanless, long-lasting battery future of Windows. We've seen this early preview run on Qualcomm gear before, but the prototype wasn't with the new LTE chipset that is staged to hit a number of smartphones and tablets later in the year.

Touching and swiping was demonstrated to be buttery smooth, and these ARM-based tablets with Windows might hold a lot of potential, provided that Microsoft plays its cards right and releases at least a full-fledged Office version for them, if not thousands of apps at launch.

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