Qualcomm confirms next-gen 14nm process for Snapdragon 820, debunks overheating rumors

Qualcomm Officially Denies That Snapdragon 820 Has Overheating Issues
Qualcomm is apparently fed up with all the Snapdragon 820 rumormongering, and came up with an official statement on its Weibo page that its upcoming beast of a chipsets meets and exceeds all performance specifications, including the thermal ones.

Back in August, we heard that Samsung is testing its next Galaxy S7 with both Snapdragon 820 and next-gen Exynos 8890 chipsets, with the 820 getting the engineering nod to be fitted in the S7 for certain markets. Afterwards, another report claimed that Qualcomm has supplied Samsung with an even better, 3.X version of the Snapdragon 820, on which it has spent quite a lot of time at further optimizations, which we'd assume include better heat management, too. In fact, the chip-maker now confirms officially that the 820 will be made with the next-gen 14nm production process, which should bring about better overall performance.

It must have irked Qualcomm to no end then to hear the rumor that was distributed the other day about Snapdragon 820 overheating. Allegedly, Samsung is battling with thermal issues on the 820 still, and mulling a software optimization, or, if all else fails, a radiating heat pipe, like what Sony did with Snapdragon 810 on the Xperia Z5 trio. It's not every day that the PR department of Qualcomm comes out in force to comment on and deny rumors, but after the 810 heating drama, we can understand why the company is eager to keep the image of its next-gen Snapdragon 820 intact.

source: Qualcomm via G4Games

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