Qualcomm bringing super fast WiFi to mobile devices

Qualcomm bringing super fast WiFi to mobile devices
Over the past few weeks, we've seen some impressive things from Qualcomm, or actually, we've seen the Snapdragon S4 a number of times, but each time it's just as impressive as the last. First, we saw the S4's graphical benchmarks, then VoLTE on the S4, and finally more benchmarks of the S4. Now, we're learning that it won't just be the GPU and CPU that will be speedy on the S4, but the WiFi as well. 

It turns out that Qualcomm is integrating a combo WiFi/Bluetooth/FM chip to the Snapdragon S4 and other 28nm Snapdragon chips. The WiFi in that combo will be 802.11ac, which is a refinement of the 802.11n standard that runs only on the 5GHz spectrum band and not the extremely crowded 2.4GHz spectrum. This means WiFi data speeds up to a theoretical max of just under 500Mbps on a single link, but given the right setup, it could offer speeds much faster. 

We'll have to see what kind of real world speeds it gets, and we'll likely get some demos at MWC. 


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