Proview may sue Apple for $2 billion over iPad trademark infringement

Proview may sue Apple for $2 billion over iPad trademark infringement
Chinese computer firm Proview Technology is stepping up its saber-rattling against Apple, threatening to expand its legal theater of war to the United States, where Proview says it will ask for $2 billion dollars in damages for infringement of the iPad trademark. This would presumably be on top of the $1.5 billion Proview is asking for in its Chinese lawsuit.

There is no doubt that Proview trademarked the name first – the name IPAD was trademarked for a computer back in 2000 by the company. The dispute is over whether Apple correctly acquired the trademark; Apple purchased the world-wide rights from a Taiwanese affiliate of Proview, but Proview states that the affiliate had signed a “non-compete” clause with them, and had no right to sell the trademarks.

Though a Hong Kong court sided with Apple last year, when Apple tried to sue Proview for trademark infringement in mainland China the case was quickly thrown out. With a court ruling in their favor, Proview is now striking back at Apple, though an out of court settlement seems more likely in this case than a full on litigation battle.

That Proview is threatening to sue in the U.S. indicates one of two things: Either they have become more confident in their ability to win in courts outside of China, or they are trying to put more pressure on Apple to hurry up a potential settlement.

source: AFP via BGR


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