Proceed with caution: Asurion out of S3 replacements

Proceed with caution: Asurion out of S3 replacements
We just past the halfway point in July, and as we told you last month, insurance provider Asurion says that typically July is the worst month when it comes to cellphone claims. Adding to that, the newly released Samsung Galaxy S III is topping charts with 6.5 million units sold in Q2 and an estimated 15 million will end up in customer’s hands in Q3.

In addition to the carriers having an issue keeping new, retail units in sock, Asurion, who is the insurance provider for several major U.S. carriers, also does not have enough replacement devices in stock to fulfill claims. Two DroidLife readers have already encountered unfortunate circumstances with their Samsung Galaxy S III and after filling a claim, are left with no replacement device and no ETA.

While it seems a bit silly to say, “Don’t break your S3,” – seriously, don’t break your S3, at least right now. Some more practical advice is, if you typically keep your smartphone naked, it might be a good time to think about investing in a case. If none of the choices at your local stores and favorite accessory websites are doing it for you, be sure to check our roundup of 10 fancy Samsung Galaxy S III cases.

source: DroidLife

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