Pregnant mom gets Apple iPhone jacked at gun point and gets it back

Pregnant mom gets Apple iPhone jacked at gun point and gets it back
Here's a story that could only happen in the Big Apple. 36 year old pregnant interior designer Rachael Massey was strolling her daughter Olivia in McCarren Park last Tuesday. The area had been the scene of a number of robberies recently, and Massey was on her way to becoming another victim, or so it seemed. She noticed a 16 year old hooded figure nervously approach her and before she could say iOS 6, the punk had the barrel of a gun aimed at her torso. He demanded her Apple iPhone and after a moment of hesitation, she turned it over to him.

Immediately after the gunman left, Massey's sister Maureen appeared. Handing the stroller to her sister, Massey chased after the punk who stole her iPhone. Screaming at people to call the cops, and alerting others to the fact that the kid had a gun, the brave mom and a number of others gave chase until one man cornered the thief near a series of tennis courts. The kid handed the phone to the guy and disappeared.

While all's well that ends well, and Massey did get back her Apple iPhone, she agrees that chasing an armed thief was "idiotic" and that the cops told her the same thing.

source: NYPost


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