Power key too high? Here's how to comfortably switch off and lock the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge from its Edge display

Power key too high? Here's how to comfortably switch off and lock the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge from
The power key's top positioning poses a problem when you're dealing with a device as tall as the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, for example. With the Home button, switching it on is easy enough, but switching it off and locking it requires help from the second hand, or some serious finger-stretching action.

But who knew that you'd be able to literally install a power key, positioned comfortably on the right side, thanks to the phablet's unique Edge display? It's so simple. All it takes is getting the Screen Off and Lock app from the Google Play store and dropping it inside the Edge display's shortcut panel. When you have that, simply power off the phone with your thumb (or another finger, if you're a leftie), and turn it on with the Home key. The method below applies to every Android phone out there, but the Note Edge makes it especially cool. So here's how to make your life a little easier.

First, download Screen Off and Lock from the Google Play Store (link). It's a free app. Open it and you'll be asked to provide it with device administrator access. Accept and move on.

Screen Off and Lock installs two shortcuts inside the app drawer. One turns off your device (in the sense of putting it to sleep, not powering it off), and the other opens the app's settings panel. We'd rather leave the Settings up for you to discover, as they are pretty self explanatory and rich with customization options. What's more important is moving the first shortcut inside the Galaxy Note Edge's Edge.

To do this, tap the Star icon on the Edge screen's shortcut panel. This is where you can edit the list of shortcuts going inside it. If the panel is full, simply remove an app you can easily dismiss, then drag the Screen Off and Lock icon to the right. Find a comfortable position where your thumb reaches easily, tap Done, and that's it. Now, try tapping the Screen Off icon to check whether everything works as expected.

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