Poll results: go away, glass phones?


In the past, we used to love glass-backed phones. They were rare and unique, and their shine brought about something different. Nowadays, most major manufacturers have glass-backed phones. Is that a bad thing?

Glass looks nice, sure — it's shiny, it's cool to the touch, it just reeks of "premium". But being exposed to it with every flagship out there revealed one ugly truth — it's a magnet for fingerprint grease, can be slippery, and feels particularly unpleasant when your hands are sweaty. Thus, not everyone is a fan of glass backs.

But glass isn't there just for the bling. Manufacturers use it because wireless charging, or at least the way we have it now, can't work through a clean metal back. So, a different material had to be employed.

All that said, we thought we'd ask you — would you rather get rid of glass backs and wireless charging altogether, or do you actually like the way phones are right now? Here are the answers we got:

Would you prefer to be rid of glass backs, even if it means no wireless charging?

Yes! I'd do it in a heartbeat!
No, I kind of like glass backs!
No, wireless charging is just too good to drop!

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