Poll results: Apple or Samsung? Whose sales do you think will pull ahead in 2015?

Poll results: Apple or Samsung? Whose sales do you think will pull ahead in 2015?
Apple and Samsung are literally tied for the title of the world's largest smartphone maker, selling about 74.5 million clever handsets each in the quarter that passed. This would have been unthinkable just a few months ago, as Apple has always been considered a somewhat of a niche, extremely profitable manufacturer that doesn't sell many models, but prices them in the premium segment.

The profit side of things is more or less clear, though, but the incredible catching-up that Apple did in one fell swoop to almost become the world's largest smartphone vendor is truly breathtaking. Some analysts, however, believe that this trend won't be sustainable as the interest in the new iPhones subsides in the next few quarters, and peg 2015 as actually the year of Samsung, and not only because of the Galaxy S6. They cite the thorough revamp of Samsung's design concept, with metal-clad handsets on the way, but also its competitive advantage of flexible displays paired with 14nm chipsets - something that no other company will be able to replicate this year.

This is why we asked you last week what do you think about this incredible turn of events - Samsung seemed invincible in terms of smartphone market share just a year or two ago, and now Apple is breathing down its neck. It turns out that more than half of our respondents (57.55%) think that after all is said and done at the end of 2015, Samsung would still have sold more smartphones than Apple. This is the safer bet, as Samsung sells much more models in all price segments, but more than 40% of our respondents are actually convinced that the tide has turned, and Apple will be on a roll this year, which will allow it to surpass Samsung in clever handset sales. We'll see who got it in the end.

Which one do you think will pull ahead with smartphone market share in 2015?


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