Pixel users can now download a bitterly missed wallpaper that Google took away

Pixel users can now download the bitterly missed Horizon wallpaper that Google took away
While some of us only care about the general specs of our phones, others like to customize them to the core. A big part of that is wallpapers and like everything else, not all wallpapers are created equal. The OG Pixel, for instance, had an animated wallpaper called "Horizon" but Pixel 6a and later phones didn't come with it. The wallpaper is now again available to download on many Pixel models including the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, 7a, 6a, and 5.

The Horizon wallpaper was a part of the "Live Earth" collection. It featured a fun way to keep an eye on the battery percentage, with a sun that rose as a phone charged, and lowered as the battery depleted. In short, it shifted from dawn to dusk, depending on the battery.

Reddit user Gokublack2214 and several other users say that Google has brought back the wallpaper (via 9to5Google). A server-side update has reintroduced the wallpaper.

As numerous Reddit threads show, the Horizon wallpaper was a fan favorite and many users were disappointed to see that it wasn't present on newer models. Some resorted to using unofficial ways to get the wallpaper. But there's no need to look for workarounds now as Google has officially brought the wallpaper back and it's slowly making its way to both the latest and several generation old Pixel phones.

Since Horizon is not a static wallpaper, it might use a little bit more battery than other wallpapers but the drain would be so small that you are unlikely to notice it.

The upcoming Pixel 8 duo is expected to have mineral-themed wallpapers including Licorice, Peony, Jade, and Haze. Hands-on images of the phones leaked yesterday, but they are still several months away.

Google's next phones are tipped to have the new Tensor G3 chip, slightly smaller screens, and better cameras. 

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