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Check out Google's new ads and videos for the Pixel 4 and Pixel Buds

Check out Google's new ads and videos for the Pixel 4 and Pixel Buds
As you know by now, Google has introduced the new Pixel 4 series and many of the new features of the two phones were already the subject of leaks or had already been confirmed by Google. But now, with the phones officially announced and pre-orders starting, the company has started releasing videos to promote the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Google has also come up with a new line that you will see near the beginning of each ad. Pixel 4 is "A phone made the Google way."

The first new ad for the Pixel 4 line starts off by showing the more unobtrusive Google Assistant UI. Not only is the virtual helper on-device making it faster, it now only covers a very small amount of the screen when you give it a task or ask it a question. And since this clip is only 30 seconds long, Google squeezes in other features like Motion Sense (allowing you to skip streaming content, dismiss alarms and silence calls by waving your hand above the screen) and the improved Night Sight. The ad gives a quick glimpse of the astrophotography capabilities of the camera by quickly showing a photo of the stars in the night sky. For those not familiar with the Pixel handsets, Google tries to make a connection by pointing out that the company that made the phone is also responsible for many of the apps that smartphone owners use daily like Maps, Chrome, and YouTube. Google wraps things up by showing the phone wearing the three color options, Just Black, Clearly White and the limited edition Oh So Orange.

Another commercial that you're sure to see on television in the days ahead focuses on Pixel 4's new Face unlock feature which uses the Soli radar chip to know when you are approaching the device. It then has Face unlock at the ready so you don't have to tap on the screen to use your face to unlock the handset. And with the aforementioned Motion Sense, a wave of your hand skips through streaming content. This spot is a quick 15 seconds in length, and there are another pair of 15-second ads that focus (no pun intended) on the camera and the new Google Assistant UI.

Google finally cut the umbilical cord so to speak, between the left and right earbuds on the second generation of the wireless Google Pixel Buds. And yes, since this is a product that will be sold to the public, there is a 30-second commercial that stars the colorful round "earables" and their wireless charging case. Since this product won't be available until next year, this video isn't so much about the features but was produced just to let consumers know that this accessory is coming.

Other videos that aren't commercials explain how certain features were created. One of the most interesting discusses how Google came up with HDR+. This is the technology used by the Pixel camera that allows it to snap a total of nine exposures and average them out to create a picture with less noise and sharper images. Google's Marc Levoy handles the explanation and if he reminds you of a college professor, that is because he was one at Stanford. He has a knack for explaining complex things in a way that is completely understandable to the layman. Another video goes more in-depth about how Google designed the second generation Pixel Buds.

Lastly, Google posted a video of today's Made by Google event. If you were at work while it was going on this morning, or just want to see it again, it is available in the video slideshow below.

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