Pikachu on Pluto: Pokemon GO players have walked 4.5 billion miles since launch

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Hater are going to hate the miracle of fitness brought upon the gamers of this world by Pokemon Go, but the developers from Niantic beg to differ. They outed a promo video that depicts how many kilometers the players have covered while chasing one of the 88 billion Pokemon that have been caught by December 7th. It turns out that the number stands at 8.7 billion (4.5 billion miles). 

This is enough for them to have collectively reached Pluto at its farthest orbit point, and then some. Oh well, the introduction of Pikachu in a Santa hat may very well send them outside of the solar system, but since driving slowly often counts as well, we don't know how much of that distance has actually been covered on foot. Pikachu on Pluto, now that's a thought.

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