Photos of LG Watch Style packaging reveal a pretty boring design

In just a few days, LG is expected to officially reveal two new smartwatches on the same day Google is set to launch the biggest update to its wearable device platform, Android Wear 2.0. Today, photos of the retail packaging of one of them, the LG Watch Style, have surfaced, and they show a remarkably unremarkable design, especially considering the name.

The box, unfortunately, shows only the front of the device, which looks like a run-of-the mill watch, with its circular design and single button on the side. The pictures match leaked renders of the device, which also featured a different color scheme, meaning the device will be sold in multiple versions, as expected. The manufacturing date on the side shows it was made some time last month in Korea.

The box doesn’t reveal anything about the Watch Style’s internals, but rumors suggest it will not feature features such as LTE, GPS, or a heart rate monitor, making its supposed price tag of $249 pretty hefty. While it’s possible LG has a secret trick up its sleeve, all signs point otherwise, as the device has been extensively leaked for the past month or so. The LG Watch Style and its bigger brother, the LG Watch Sport, are set to be revealed on February 8th at the Android Wear 2.0 launch event.

source: GSMArena



1. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

still looks better than square smartwatch

2. FlySheikh

Posts: 444; Member since: Oct 02, 2015

I agree.

10. marorun

Posts: 5029; Member since: Mar 30, 2015

Its have a nice simple look thats elegant. not like some others smartwatch maker thats make crappy square one.

3. NewroticSlob

Posts: 182; Member since: May 09, 2013

More of a classic design... I like!

4. syam7863

Posts: 73; Member since: Sep 15, 2016

Pretty boring? How UNboring you want it to be? This is much better than square smart watches. Or, do you manufacturers to include petals around their watches?

6. emvxl

Posts: 141; Member since: Sep 29, 2009

Per iPhonearena, no fruit logo, then it must be boring.

5. Prajjwal

Posts: 16; Member since: Aug 03, 2016

And Apple watch series 2 looks fantastic with a recycled design :/

7. peace247 unregistered

Still better than Apple watch imo

8. McLTE

Posts: 922; Member since: Oct 18, 2011

Yet another horrible PA article. Thanks PA for helping me determine that the watch is "boring". Can't I be a big boy and decide for myself? Actually, I don't it boring at all! Despite missing the fruit logo, it looks good - classic ACTUAL watch design. You know.. many of us want a WATCH that does smart things. Not gaudy, not overflowing with "OMG LOOK AT MEH!" design. When the next Apple watch design is announced, and it's exactly the same, you will call it revolutionary, SEXY, gorgeous! OMG.. just want all you readers NEED!

9. TheHeartBreakKid

Posts: 102; Member since: Jul 07, 2015

Im waiting for watch sport.

11. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

It's and ugly version of the Gear S3 Classic.

12. Jeromem75

Posts: 2; Member since: Dec 27, 2016

Boring? Someone is missing his mickey mouse watch...

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