Peter Chou tells HTC stockholders to expect a 15% market share in the future

Peter Chou tells HTC stockholders to expect a 15% market share in the future
HTC CEO Peter Chou told his stockholders on Friday, that he expects the Taiwan based manufacturer's market share to jump in the future. Last year, the company had 4% of the global smartphone market and the executive says that HTC will take 10% to 15% of the market in the future. Currently outspent by Samsung by 10 to 1 in marketing, Chou says that the company will push hard for brand recognition. And while 10% to 15% of the market might seem farfetched, HTC once held a double-digit slice of the global smartphone pie.

Chou says that HTC has been spending money on R&D so that it can build innovative new smartphones. Most would consider the HTC One a good start for the manufacturer. With a metallic uni-body build and a sleek and sexy design, most high-end Android shoppers have the HTC One in the picture when deciding which new phone to buy. The device also features the BlinkFeed streaming video home screen, the BoomSound front-facing stereo speakers, Zoe and an UltraPixel camera. 

There is speculation that we will see an HTC One mini in addition to a large sized version of the device that is code named the T6. Already announced is the "Google Edition" (Sense-less) nearly stock Android version of the phone that integrates Beats Audio. That model will launch Wednesday from the Google Play Store for $599. There is also the developer edition of the phone, which comes with an unlocked bootloader and is priced at $649 for U.S. residents only.

One phone on the market now is not going to get HTC up to a 15% market share. While Chou didn't mention a time frame with his prediction, it might be several years and a lot of hard work before the executive can say that his prediction has come true.

source: FocusTaiwan via Phandroid


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