Periscope adds fast forward and rewind controls for those watching replays

Periscope adds fast forward and rewind controls for those watching replays
Periscope is one of a number of apps that allow you to live stream videos using your phone. Periscope sends the feed to other Periscope members, and to Twitter. With the number of feeds that are sent out in a day (many of them from T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who has never met an event that he didn't want to stream via the app), many have to settle to watch replays of these broadcasts.

To make it easier for Periscope users to navigate these replays, Twitter listened to their request for the ability to fast forward and rewind videos, which will show up when they receive the updated version of the app. To access the feature, a long press on the screen during a replay will shrink the video down to a mini size. At the same time, a time stamp will appear.  In conjunction with the time stamp, the Periscope user will move his finger back and forth on the screen to move the video ahead, or back.

About half of Android users have received the update so far. The rest of Android packin' Periscope users should see it land on their phone shortly. As for you iOS users, the Periscope update will kick off next week.

Fast forward is a great addition to the app since it allows you to watch the important part of a Periscope replay, while letting you pass over the stuff you don't need to see. And with rewind, if you missed something important, you can quickly find it to watch again.

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source: Periscope (Android|iOS) via TheVerge

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