Peekshare makes sharing photos and messages quick, easy, and private

Developer: Peekshare Download: Android, iOS
Category: Social Price: Free

Ever noticed how the most popular picture/video messenger apps like Snapchat just keep on... growing? Not just in subscriber numbers, but in terms of feature bloat, moving away from their simple initial premise that made them famous in the first place! Their developers keep piling up more and more functionality, trying to catch up with trends or see what sticks with people. PeekShare is an up-and-coming app whose creators went for the opposite approach, striving to keep things fresh and minimalist.

Peekshare lets users snap a picture and share it with friends, or onto a locals-only pic board. This is called "peeking". Once inside the photo stream, users get one chance to either like a shared picture or leave it behind forever. Instead of public comments, Peekshare opens a private message stream initiated by new comments from each user. According to the developers, the increased privacy in commenting encourages more real conversation, with users speaking their mind one on one, instead of limiting their expression due to publicity.

Additionally, Peekshare gives you the Local Feed option, meant for discovering cool stuff happening in your area. You are free to like and share disappearing photos, enhance photo peeks with filters, and “Nudge” any picture that catches your eye in Local.

The intriguing app is free and up for iOS, with an Android version available to testers in the Play Store. You can be one, too, as long as you agree to being a tester.

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