Password allows for reading email in Landscape mode on the Pre

Password allows for reading email in Landscape mode on the Pre
If you ever get email on your Palm Pre and wish that you could turn the device to Landscape mode to read it, there is a way to do it. Entering a special code while in your mailbox will let you turn the handset onto its side and read the email. Here are the directions. While in the top of the email application, type in RocknRollHax. For this to work, you must hit Shift and the key to get the capital letters. In other words, you must enter the code precisely as follows: (Hold Shift key) R (Release Shift key) o,c,k,n, (Hold Shift key) R (Release Shift key) o,l,l, (Hold Shift key) H (Release Shift key)a,x.

Once the code is entered, you will be able to turn your Pre while in message listing mode or while viewing a specific email and be able to read what is on the screen in Landscape mode. When turning the phone to this position, you will lose the menu, similar to when using the browser. Unlike the browser, while on it's side to read email, you will not be able to scroll using the gesture area.

Using the password does not make any permanent change to the Pre and you will have to reenter the password and start all over again the next time you want to read your email in Landscape. To make it permanent, follow the directions at the source link. Let us know how this code is working for you.

source: predevwiki via precentral

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